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ORION's Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 6th of August 2021, 01:37PM IST.

What data do we store and why do we need it?

Can I delete my data? What should I do if I have any concerns.

If you have any concers or want your all of your data deleted, you'll need to contact us by either joining our support server and opening a ticket or sending us an email at arnavp651@gmail.com. Keep in mind we cannot delete certain data, that includes:

  • Moderation actions - we cannot delete this without one of the server administrator's request.
  • Non-appealable blacklist - if you were blacklisted and can't appeal, unfortunately, that means the data will stay and you won't be unblacklisted ever.
  • Server's grace period - we can actually delete this, but only by the server's owner request.
  • Command usage - we log command usages to know how many commands where used in a certain period of time, without a proper reasoning, this will not be deleted. It also depends on the majority of commands used, if the number is too small (<100), we'll gladly delete it, but if the number is too big (>100) you'll need to provide a strong reason as to why you want the data to be removed

  • If you've opened a ticket or mailed us, it can take up to 5 (five) work days until we gather and delete all of your data.

    Terms of Use

    This Terms of Use was last updated on 6th of August 2021, 01:37PM IST.